This story may contain Angry Whoppers

Burger King is promoting the Angry Whopper with a specialty-only campaign that includes some unusual viewer advisory messages on Showcase, TVtropolis and Action.

A mock disclaimer that warns viewers the show they’re watching ‘may contain flame-broiled situations’ and that they may have ‘an overwhelming experience,’ is running on TVtropolis this month as part of a specialty-only TV buy for Burger King.

Promoting the Angry Whopper, a spicier version of the burger that contains jalapeños and ‘Angry Sauce,’ the brand is having fun with the closed-caption buy by poking fun at sex or violence disclaimers before programming on the channels. Similar messaging for the campaign also appears on Action, with the media handled by Initiative Media and creative developed by Taxi2.

Additional 15- and 30-second ads that feature two friends that go from having a lovely lunch to mind-cursing each other as they eat the spicy sandwich. The ads are running in four-week spurts on other channels like the Comedy Network and Sportsnet, driving to a microsite that asks consumers to scream at their webcam. If one doesn’t have a webcam (like MiC accessing the site from a computer at work), the angry whopper scolds you for being ‘stuck in 1997′ and wonders if you also rollerblade to work every day.

By keeping the buy to specialty channels, Burger King is able to zero in on consumers who they know are ‘hamburger fans,’ says Jason Keown, senior director of marketing for Burger King Restaurants of Canada. He adds that in the period that the ads are running, traffic to the site quadruples.

‘It’s more of a lifestyle perspective. People who like hamburgers we know like to have fun, they like comedy, sports,’ Keown tells MiC.