Rona builds on TV experience

The hardware and reno chain hammers home its message with two new room renovation shows that integrate the Rona by Design concept.

Rona is sponsoring two new home makeover shows to spread the word about its Rona by Design concept.

The two shows, Grin and Build It on the W Network and Laisse faire, j’vais l’faire on Canal Vie, will renovate rooms every week using the Rona by Design projects.
The home improvement hardware chain had been promoting the line through other means, but Pierre L’Heureux, VP of marketing, image and sponsorships, tells MiC that the company wanted a stronger vehicle to carry the message to a more open audience.

‘It doesn’t cost more than a traditional TV campaign, it’s just that it’s much more concentrated,’ he says. ‘[The viewers] are open to the ideas of receiving suggestions, and they’re ready to enter into a new project.’

The two shows feature couples using Rona-branded tools to execute makeovers using the Rona by Design product line, which are packaged kits that help homeowners achieve a particular style. The target for the Rona by Design brand is couples 35 to 55, but psychographically, the company is targeting skilled DIYers. Carat handled the media buy.

‘The more the people have skills, the more money they spend in our category, and the viewers of these shows are the ones who are skilled,’ L’Heureux says.

Around the show, Rona will have opening and closing billboards, bumpers in and out of commercial breaks, 30-second spots, and a call to action by the host at the end of the show to visit the Rona microsites, and (not yet live).

‘It’s TV driving to website driving to store,’ says L’Heureux.

The show is being promoted through Rona’s flyers and website, and through promotions and websites of the broadcasters. Both shows are produced by Zone 3.

This isn’t the first leap into TV for Rona. It has previously sponsored Ma Maison Rona and My Rona Home, which averaged 1 million and 250,000 viewers respectively, according to the company.

Grin and Build It airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. starting last night and Laisse faire, j’vais l’faire is on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. starting Sept. 22.