Traffic builds biz

The in-mall media seller acquires its partner company to become Neo-Traffic, expanding its inventory to 120 locations in 80 cities.

Montreal-based mediaco Traffic has acquired its partner of two years, Neo Advertising Canada, and re-branded as Neo-Traffic, expanding its inventory of indoor and outdoor signs to 120 locations in 80 cities.

The acquisition also takes the company into the digital signage market, picking up 500 screens in the deal.

Neo-Traffic’s inventory includes signs and banners inside and outside malls and, with the new acquisition, reaches 2.8 million people per day, according to Ronald Tapiero, vice-president and co-founder, Neo-Traffic.

‘This acquisition brings us a new network,’ Tapiero tells MiC. ‘We have more coverage in terms of market, more things to sell and more malls to offer to our advertisers.’