PMB, ComScore’s ‘fused database’ goes live

The collaborative product links online viewership and print readership in a single database product.

ComScore and PMB Print Measurement Bureau announced late yesterday that their highly anticipated joint database venture will go live on Sept. 21.

Called a fused database, the product combines ComScore’s online measurement metrics with PMB’s readership data, offering media agencies the opportunity to compare the demographics of online and offline readers.

The new product solves a problem that’s been plaguing the media agency world for ages now, said Anne Myers, president of MediaVest and SMG PM, as well as president of the CMDC, in a release.

‘The industry has been frustrated to date by the fragmented nature of the online data available from the major syndicated studies. This database will add a whole new dimension to targeting decisions for online media, giving us access to a wealth of demographic, attitudinal and behavioural variables fused to timely currency metrics.’

The fused database not only allows media planners to compare demos across mediums, but also links that information with anonymous data on online media habits, such as product purchases and service use. This reveals trends such as what kind of products a reader of women’s magazines likes to buy, or how they prefer to research travel.

The product is offered only to clients of ComScore and PMB.

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