Quebec legal association offers customized commentary

The Chambre des notaires du Quebec has launched an innovative TV campaign featuring commercial-break commentary on the programming featured.

While many viewers use commercial breaks to comment on the programming being viewed, Bleublancrouge has turned the habit on its head with an innovative new TV campaign for client Chambre des notaires du Quebec.

The campaign for the legal association features what Bleublancrouge is calling ‘live advertising,’ which are customized 15-, 30- and 60-second spots tied directly to the programming segment preceding them. In the spots, which air during French-language talk show Tout le monde en parle, Quebec humorist Pierre Légaré comments from his living room on the interview segment that just took place. Each spot features the 1-800 number for Chambre des notaires du Quebec and Légaré links the topics covered during the interviews to legal concerns viewers may find interesting.

In each spot, the organization’s toll-free help line is featured on screen, and viewers are urged to call in with their own legal concerns.

The media strategy hinges on the flexibility of the medium and Radio-Canada’s co-operation, said Claude Lamoureux, VP, media, bleublancrouge, of the media strategy in a release.

‘We have an extraordinary flexibility to choose, at the very last minute, the topics, tone and format linking discussions and questions.’

Media and creative for the campaign were both handled by Bleublancrouge, and the campaign is set to run throughout the fall.