CRTC approves three Cat 2 licences for TelAfric

The new channels will focus on content targeted at people of African descent living in Canada.

The CRTC has approved three Category 2 specialty licences for TelAfric Incorporated – the TelAfric Movies Channel, TelAfric TV1 and TelAfric TV2.

The channels will concentrate on news, entertainment and movies ‘about Africa and the African Diaspora that would be of interest and appeal to people of African descent in Canada,’ according to the CRTC decision.

TelAfric is a Canadian corporation owned by two primary shareholders: Olusoji Oyinsan (55%/controlling ownership) and Olubunmi Oyinsan (45%). Not less than 15% of the programming will be in various African languages, and while the plan is to caption 100% of the English-language programming, this service will not come into effect until the fourth year of the licence due to financial considerations.

In a concurrent decision, the regulator also approved Fight Media’s acquisition of Category 2 specialty services known as The Fight Network and Le Réseau des Combats from The Fight Network as part of a corporate reorganization. New licences have been issued to allow the broadcasters to continue their operation under the same terms and conditions as those in effect under the current licences.

In other TV news, an expanded raft of CTV and A series are getting their Rogers on Demand debut, as 26 shows join the lineup.

Now available for ROD customers are The Big Bang Theory, $%*! My Dad Says, Two and a Half Men, The Colbert Report and The Daily Show, to name a few.

Rogers has carried primetime CTV content for the last few years for its on-demand fare, and currently offers almost 9,000 hours of programming.

From Playback Daily