DFC gets in the van, man

The marketing org has partnered with the ever-present Jam Van to get teens to start thinking more about milk.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is going where the kids are, showing up at Justin Bieber concerts, skate parks and on Facebook.

The lobby and promotion organization, which supports more than 13,000 farms across the country, is driving the Jam Van through Southwestern Ontario, making nearly 60 stops in one month, ending Nov. 29 at an Usher concert in Toronto.

With free milk as bait, DFC ambassadors will be inviting concert goers to experience the Jam Van, offering entry codes for a Farmville-esque Facebook game where they can win prizes. The codes are also available on milk cartons at stores across the province.

The DFC is working with Jam Van – a rolling promotional vehicle that parks outside live-music events in Toronto to sell CDs and merch – and Launch! on the experiential campaign. Both are based in Toronto.

The tour is part of two larger campaigns that the DFC is running concurrently. The first, called ‘What’cha Got?,’ is in Ontario and PEI, and drives teens to the Facebook game. The second, in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, is called ‘Oh Snap!’ and encourages teens to complete 12 milk-related photo challenges and post the pics to their Facebook pages for a chance to win prizes.

The promotion is a part of the DFC’s strategy to increase milk sales with teens, who don’t generally consumer enough dairy products to meet the nutritional requirements of Canada’s food guide, Solange Heiss, assistant director, communications, Dairy Farmers of Canada, tells MiC.

‘It’s basically to show teens that drinking milk is cool,’ she says. ‘Dairy Farmers of Canada are very innovative in their programs, and this is a good way to reach teenagers and definitely to show them the cool factor is still there with drinking milk.’

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