Cogeco and CHCH to test-drive ‘addressable’ TV ads

The Hamilton-based channel will try out individual-viewer-targeted advertising in 2011.

Looking to open the frontier of personalized TV commercials, Cogeco Cable is to test-drive its new targeted advertising software from Invidi Technologies on the CHCH TV network in Ontario.

The Cogeco trial of the Invidi Advatar system, which enables TV advertisers to deliver tailored messages to individual households during ad breaks, will take place in early 2011 on Cogeco cable systems in south-central Ontario that carry CHCH.

Ron Perrotta, vice president of marketing and strategic planning for Cogeco, said the addressable ad insertion software could replace a current TV regime where marketers target messages at a mass audience.

‘CHCH is thrilled to be the first Canadian broadcaster to work with Cogeco in unlocking the marketing potential of addressable advertising technology,’ Cal Millar, president of Channel Zero, which runs CHCH, added in a statement.

The Invidi technology uses public domain demographics data to better pinpoint consumers and their profiles, with an eye to bolstering the relevance of TV commercials for viewers.

From Playback Daily