Proprio Direct outruns the language police

The company's use of lenticular AdBars allows it to advertise in both official languages in Quebec grocery stores.

Real estate company Proprio Direct is addressing Quebec’s restrictive language laws a creative media solution at grocery store checkouts.

The company is utilizing Retail Media’s checkout separators, or AdBars, to spread its message, as it has many times before. The difference this time is that the company is getting the message out in both languages using lenticular technology.

The two-frame animation also makes cartoon eyes on the ads move, drawing attention to the advertisement and playing up the company’s VisibiliT message, Andrew Prescesky, VP, sales for Retail Media, tells MiC.

‘The consumer’s never seen anything like this,’ he says. ‘As they pass through the line, the ad switches from English to French, and it catches their eye and they have to look at it because they have to pick it up and place it in front of their groceries, so it’s not going to blend into the background.’

The ads are in more than 130 stores in Montreal, Quebec City and Trois Rivieres, matching the company’s recent expansion.

The checkout separators are part of a larger three-month campaign that includes English and French radio and TV ads in Quebec.

Retail Media has previously used lenticular AdBars in Alberta, where CTV was promoting its local news shows, says Prescesky. The company is now working with a paint company to create paintbrush-shaped AdBars, which are currently being tested in Medicine Hat, Alberta.