Kenny Hotz reality comedy for Showcase

Now shooting in Toronto, the US and France, the series will air in 2011. Integration opps are open.

Canadian comic Kenny Hotz has another comedy reality TV series in the works, Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will for Showcase from Newsworthy Productions and Entertainment One.

Now shooting in Toronto, the US and France, with Sebastian Cluer directing, the Hotz vehicle features the comic stopping at nothing to fulfill a Herculean task and change society as we know it.

The TV deal follows Hotz co-starring with Spencer Rice in Kenny vs. Spenny and starring in the Showcase and FX series Testees.

Showcase will air the series in 2011. As for integration opps, ‘Showcase is always open to new and unique ways of incorporating particular products into its series,’ a spokesperson for the channel confirmed.

Hotz, who created Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will, will also star and executive produce the reality comedy along with John Morayniss and Jeff Kassel.

From Playback Daily