New e-mag Dabble covers travel and decor

For people who have (or want) it all, interior design expert Kimberley Seldon has launched a new online magazine about travel, food and home decor.

Affluent trendsetters want to have everything in life – designer furniture, expensive trips to the Grenadine Islands and the ability to make the perfect salmon-stuffed baked potato.

A new online magazine called Dabble covers all those bases for its readers in its 180 digital pages. Launched this week, the magazine has been designed in a tablet-friendly format, which allows for an attractive layout and the ability to run full-page ads that cost about $4,000 per page.

The magazine is edited by Kimberley Seldon, a Toronto-based designer and journalist who has also contributed to Style at Home and CityLine.

‘She’s very mindful of projecting her brand,’ says Mark Boxer, president of BBS Media, which is handling sales for the magazine. ‘We have a pretty good mix moving forward [including] travel, and travel experience really lends itself to so much culinary experience and design and architecture. That’s really her big forte,’ says Boxer.

Dabble has about 10,000 initial subscribers, Boxer says, which have registered from Seldon’s network of contacts. Each week, Dabble will also send an e-newsletter with updates, contests and promotions. The newsletter carries ad opportunities in text and image formats. Initial advertisers include Rogers media properties Chatelaine and Citytv, as well as beauty brand John Frieda and resort destinations within Canada.

Boxer describes the target readership as affluent consumers of a ‘global mindset,’ however it is too early for a more specific demographic snapshot, he says.

This story has been updated to reflect a clarification – BBS media does not have a newsletter and did not provide a subscribre base for Dabble magazine.