OMAC changes membership structure

The new tiered format is designed to broaden the scope of the org's membership base.

The Out-of-home Marketing Association of Canada (OMAC) has announced changes to its membership structure designed to broaden its membership base.

The new tiered structure includes full membership, general membership and associate membership. Full membership and general membership are available only to OOH companies, the primary difference between the two being a full member’s ability to appoint a representative to the organization’s board of directors.

The new associate membership is targeted at agencies, advertisers, educational institutes and its traditional membership base of OOH suppliers, a release on the announcement said. Associate members can attend all meetings, but do not have voting privileges.

‘The changes in OMAC’s membership structure and fees make it accessible for both small and large OOH companies to join OMAC,’ Rosanne Caron, president, OMAC, said in a release.