American Idol scores a one-two punch: BBM Canada, March 14 to March 20, 2011

The singing competition's ratings continue to rise while Global's House wins back Monday nights.

Monday: House was the most-watched show for the second consecutive week, scoring 2.023 million viewers for Global TV at 8 p.m. The numbers were down by 425,000 from the previous week when the doctor drama aired at 9 p.m.

Tuesday: A much-ballyhooed gay kiss between two male characters on Glee attracted 1.806 million Canadians to the musical comedy series, which aired on Global TV at 8 p.m. The number was a slight decrease from the previous week’s 1.814 million. The CTV Evening News at 7 p.m. came in second with 1.749 million viewers.

Wednesday: American Idol scored a one-two punch for CTV. Wednesday’s 8 p.m. performance show was the week’s most-watched show, with 2.780 million viewers tuning in. The singing competition’s ratings have been on a steady climb. Last week it scored 2.772 million and the week before 2.5 million.

Thursday: For the second night in a row, American Idol was the big ratings winner with 2.704 million Canadians tuning in, making it the second-most watched show of the week overall. CSI on CTV at 10 p.m. was a distant second with 1.662 million and Global TV’s Bones at 10 p.m. came in third.

Friday: More Canadians tuned into the CTV Evening News at 7 p.m. than any other show on Friday night – 1.141 million to be exact. The comedy series Big Bang Theory came in second with 1.299 million viewers.

Saturday: As usual, game one of Hockey Night in Canada on CBC was the big ratings winner on Saturday night with 2.157 million Canadians tuning in to the game at 7 p.m. The numbers were up from last week’s 2.095 million.

Sunday: The week’s third-most watch show was also Sunday’s top-rated program. Amazing Race scored 2.441 million viewers for its 18th episode – down from the previous week’s 2.533 million.