He’s mobile, he’s digital, he’s the pre-family man

Microsoft releases a white paper on the media and digital habits of males 18 to 34 who haven't yet started a family but are likely on the brink of doing so.

Men aged 18 to 34 without kids are one of the hardest demographics for marketers and media planners to reach, Jacqueline O’Sullivan, marketing director, Microsoft Advertising, tells MiC and that’s exactly why it just released a report entitled ‘Meet the Pre-Family Man.’

The research behind this report came from a combination of data from sources including Statistics Canada and comScore as well as stats collected by Microsoft Advertising, who surveyed 300 men aged 18 to 34 without children.

‘We want this data to show the market how to better understand digital, mobile and gaming and at what time of the day it is most effective to reach this group and achieve business objectives,’ says Andrew Assad, chief storyteller, Microsoft Advertising.

In addition to being mobile and digital happy – a mind-blowing 92% of respondents said they watch short videos online and almost half said they stream longer programs online – O’Sullivan says the ‘Pre-Family Man’ understands and even likes advertising.

‘Sixty-seven percent of the group say they don’t mind advertising and 11% actively like it,’ she says. ‘As a group they understand the role advertising plays in the various channels they are involved in.’

An important thing for marketers and media planners to keep in mind about the group is that they are in a constant state of flux, says Assad.

Sixty-eight percent of the group said they have experienced a major change in the past year and 78% said they expect a change in the coming year.

‘This demographic is not a homogenous group,’ he says. ‘They are going from being single to married and having children.’

Other interesting facts from the survey include: 48% said they are ‘doing more’ with their mobile device, 24% classify themselves as hardcore gamers, 50% said they are doing more online shopping and 49% said they would like to see more Canadian retailers online.

View the white paper here.