McDonald’s looks to Twitter to talk local

The QSR is beta-testing a new product from Twitter that helps localize its mass marketing efforts.

With its massive franchise base and regionalized operations, McDonald’s faces a challenge common to global brands – making its mass media as relevant to local markets as it is to national and international markets.

However, the company has found a new way to merge mass and local – Twitter’s new geo-targeted Promoted Accounts program.

The new feature enables advertisers to reach users in particular metropolitan markets, and McDonald’s Canada, a beta tester of the product, is testing its viability with a pilot promotional initiative.

The location-based communications capability allows the brand to increase awareness around local initiatives such as limited time offers, regional menu items and events exclusive to Canada, Karin Campbell, senior manager, external communications, McDonald’s Canada, explains.

‘Eighty percent of our restaurants are locally owned and operated by Canadians, so there was a great opportunity to really talk to where we are geographically,’ she says.

The trial run kicks off prior to a number of brand initiatives, particularly a hiring event to be held in April and McHappy Day in May, when one dollar from the sale of every Big Mac, Happy Meal and coffee will go to children’s charities across the country.

‘It’s a very busy time for the company and a good opportunity to really pilot this with so much in market,’ says Campbell.