App-etite: Toms goes barefoot

The philanthropic shoe company goes mobile to promote its “One Day Without Shoes.'

It’s not every day you see crowds of people walking barefoot down a busy Toronto street. But Tuesday, Toms Shoes had people do it for a good cause with the fourth annual ‘One Day Without Shoes,’ which encourages consumers to go without footwear to raise awareness of the issue that many children around the world go barefoot daily.

To promote the event, which took place internationally, Toms Shoes created an app and a mobile site for consumers to view events and upload photos. Blake Mycoskie, founder and chief shoe giver of Toms Shoes, tells MiC a bit more about the launch of the brand’s mobile strategy.

MiC: Why did you develop a mobile site and app for ‘One Day Without Shoes’?

BM: We developed a mobile site and app to allow Toms fans worldwide to participate in ‘One Day Without Shoes’ on the go, giving them the opportunity to post
photos directly from their phone and take the soundtrack for the day with them.

MiC: Who is the site targeted at?

BM: It’s targeted for younger audiences but the app provides content that is engaging for everyone who wants to be part of this movement and learn more
about the Toms mission.

MiC: How do you see the site evolving?

BM: We will keep this app as the central hub of everything ‘One Day Without Shoes’ and the company’s philosophy of giving. People will be able to stay updated with Toms news and upload their content to our photo walls.

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