Globe Life continues evolution with Facebook app

The new Globe Lifestream app allows consumers to customize their content experience.

Want customized lifestyle information? Globe Life has an app for that. The recently launched Globe Lifestream is a Facebook application that provides readers who ‘like’ it with custom content from its seven content pillars: Health & Fitness, Food & Wine, Fashion & Beauty, Parenting, Relationships, Home & Garden and Travel.

The launch of the Globe Lifestream Facebook app is another step of the evolution of the lifestyle section for the Globe and Mail that began with the launch of a new website when the newspaper launched its new look last fall, Jill Borra, managing editor, features, the Globe and Mail, tells MiC.

“The Life section has become an increasingly important pillar of the Globe and Mail since it launched four years ago,” she says. “Business has always been an important pillar for the brand but Life has been gaining a lot of traction with the section’s website expansion.”

With a goal of creating a deeper, more personalized experience for its target market of women aged 35 to 54 with a household income over $75,000, Globe Lifestream is encouraging readers to share articles with a contest giving users an online ballot for prizes like $100 gift cards to Home Depot each time they post a Globe Life article to their wall, Andrew Saunders, VP advertising sales, the Globe and Mail, tells MiC.

“We are using the capabilities of Facebook to connect with the female audience,” he says. “To have consumers look at us in ways they haven’t before.”

The expansion of Globe Life has increased the ability for contextually aligned advertising sponsorships, says Saunders, with new cross-platform exclusive opportunities, video pre-roll and custom content available on each of the platforms.

The Globe Life website and new Facebook app are being promoted through an eight-week specialty TV, online and print media buy coordinated by Gaggi Media. Advertising will run on stations including HGTV and the Food Network and be featured in magazines such as Canadian Living, Style at Home, Canadian Gardening and Elle Canada. The strategy, concept and creative behind the app was implemented by Toronto-based Naked Creative.