Labatt takes drunk driving campaign online

The beer brewing house donates $1 to charity for every Canadian who takes the online pledge to draw the line against drinking and driving.

Labatt Breweries of Canada is asking Canadians to share the things they’d rather do than drink and drive in its “Take the Pledge” campaign.

With a media buy from M2 Universal and creative by Agency59, the campaign includes billboards, street-level posters in major Canadian cities, online banner ads on sites including, and and a Facebook page aimed at consumers aged 19 to 25, Brian Howlett, chief creative officer, Agency59 tells MiC.

“Labatt’s trademark irreverent humour always seems to work really well,” he says. “So we are using the offline ads to raise awareness that these young people would rather do anything than drink and drive. The campaign is different than previous ones because it adds the social dimension where people can start getting involved in the message themselves.”

For every Canadian that takes the pledge to not drink and drive on the Labatt Facebook page the company will donate $1 to the True Patriot Love Foundation in support of Canadian military families. An additional $1 will be donated by Labatt for every person who shares their pledge to not drink and drive with their Facebook friends.

The campaign, which is part of Labatt’s ongoing ‘Know When to Draw the Line’ program also includes Canadian celebrities like Paul Tracy, General Rick Hillier and Elizabeth Manley publicly taking the pledge to not drink and drive.