Onestop joins the election campaign

The DOOH co creates a comical web game to encourage Canada's youth to take part in the upcoming federal election.

What’s the better incentive to play Onestop Media Group’s new online game – knocking down politicians using toonies, hockey pucks and beavers, or winning an Apple MacBook? Whichever one it is, Onestop hopes its Ballot Blitz game will motivate Canadian youth to get clicking and start voting.

Located at, the humorous and quirky game takes the five party leaders – Harper, Ignatieff, Layton, Duceppe and May – and sets them up in an animated battle for votes where objects pertinent to Canadian culture, such as a hockey puck, are shot out of a cannon. The player must gun down politicians to collect votes over a series of levels.

Extensive promotion of the game, which launched yesterday and is set to run until April 29, will include advertisements on Onestop’s DOOH networks in the TTC and residential buildings in the GTA, as well as in malls and corporate elevator buildings across the country.

Ballot Blitz is the second online election game by Onestop Media, designed to encourage its 18- to 34-year-old target demo to vote in the upcoming federal election.

Onestop Media’s DOOH networks reach millions of viewers and the company believes it has a social responsibility when it comes to engaging the commuter audience to participate in the voting process, Michael Girgis, president and CEO, Onestop Media Group, tells MiC.

‘I think we were all surprised at how low our voter numbers were in the past,’ says Girgis. ‘So, we thought, let’s activate our medium, let’s put our insight into play and let’s put something together that engages people to keep voting at top of mind.’

‘We are an everyday medium – our media is similar to radio and media that people consume everyday,’ he says. ‘We feel that it is important to bring in entertainment and variety to keep people engaged.’