Ad Taffy plays politics

Intertainment Media's new platform looks to bridge the gap between online ads and offline sales - a technology one political candidate is applying to the election.

As the Canadian federal election draws close, federal politicians of all stripes are reaching out to average Canadians in an effort to earn votes for their party. But one Canadian MP is taking a particularly media-savvy route in using Intertainment Media’s newest ad platform, Ad Taffy.

Ad Taffy is a location-aware display ad product featuring IP-based geo-location and click-to-call functionality.

The units come in two formats. One is a click-to-locate rich media ad unit that generates a pop-up map where users can browse through the nearest brand locations to them (found using an IP geo-locator). The second is a static display ad with click-to-call functionality, activated when the user punches their phone number into the ad’s information field. When the user inputs their mobile or landline number, it connects their phone to the service provider’s landline, immediately establishing a connection.

The format has obvious use for local service providers, but it is currently being used in the political arena by Brian Storseth, the incumbent for Westlock-St.Paul, who recently implemented a ‘Click To Call Me’ display ad to connect his constituents with volunteers and a mapping function to call up nearby polling stations. The strategy provides an extra level of connectivity between him and constituents, Storseth said in a release.

The Ad Taffy technology is ideal for someone like Storseth because it localizes and simplifies traditional web search, Brad Parry, CMO, Intertainment Media tells MiC.

‘If you were trying to find a local dealer from a traditional web ad, it would take you anywhere from 8 to 12 clicks to find that local dealer,’ says Parry. ‘What our technology does is it finds your IP address automatically, pulls up a map that showcases where you are and all the retail service provider locations around you in just one click.’