AOL gets on the map

The portal has launched MapQuest in Canada, with Canadian-specific ad opps.

AOL launched a Canadian-specific this week, offering Canadians localized geographic data and creating more advertising opportunities for Canadian businesses.

Most Canadians over age 25 will recall MapQuest’s dominance in the early days of online map search, but what most may not realize is that until now, the search has originated on the American version of the site,

The difference is a more Canadian-specific search, Dana Toering, acting director of sales, AOL Canada, explains.

‘More of the tools are Canadian-specific and directions are more accurate,’ he says.

Advertising opportunities available on the site include display ad units, homepage takeovers, printer-friendly page ad ops, sponsored listings and gas price site sponsorship.

Collaborating with, promotion for the Canadian-driven mapping site will be integrated across its network. The announcement comes on the heels of several big-league AOL Canada announcements, including the arrival of the Huffington Post on this side of the border.

Part of the MapQuest promotional strategy includes seeding the brand with publishers and businesses, to use the map functionality on their websites.

‘Any retail or consumer-facing outlet that has multiple locations around the country has an opportunity to integrate our mapping solutions into their own website,’ says Toering. ‘That will help in the distribution and promotion of the product in Canada.’

According to Comscore, receives an average of 2.3 million unique monthly visitors and is the second most trafficked mapping site behind Google Maps.