Score Media acquires SportsTap

The mediaco strikes a deal with the successful sports app, looking to accelerate its growth in the US.

Toronto-based Score Media shook hands yesterday with rival American multi-sport app SportsTap in an acquisition deal that it says will enhance the media company’s digital portfolio and boost its marketshare in the US, Benjie Levy, EVP & COO, Score Media, tells MiC.

‘We saw this as an opportunity to really complement the growth of our reach,’ says Levy. ‘I think it will provide increased opportunities to enhance both applications…generate some synergy to help accelerate growth and really drive our reach in the US.’

Like ScoreMobile, SportsTap is a multi-sport app and mobile web portal. It’s currently the third most popular free sports app on the Android Market, behind Score Media’s sports app, ScoreMobile, which sits at #2.

Score Media plans to open a sales office in New York as a part of its aggressive growth plan, which Levy says will remove the need for third-party ad networks selling its US inventory and hopefully propel the brand deeper into the market.

‘We’re going to continue to promote our applications through the channels we have been using,’ says Levy. ‘We’ve seen our best success really through viral sharing and marketing the application as well as working closely with the app stores to make sure that we are very well placed.’

As a result of the deal, Score Media forecasts mobile users across its properties – which include ScoreMobile, ScoreMobile FC and theScore iPad Edition – to increase to three million per month.