Jill Nykoliation on what women want

The Juniper Park exec shares with MiC how brands can connect with post-recession female consumers.

According to the most recent Her Report, from the Corus Entertainment-owned W Network, women coming out of the recession are more attuned to their finances than ever and are more receptive to traditional advertising than online ads.

The month-long survey looked closely at 679 women (aged 18 to 70), comparing results from the November 2009 report, and found that as the economy began to improve, so did the female mindset.

Jill Nykoliation, marketing-to-women expert and president of Toronto-based Juniper Park spoke after the report was presented and emphasized how women are now more conscious than ever when it comes to spending, having entered into the “age of the rational consumer,” where consumers value quality and reliable products over anything else.

Though the consumer may have a tighter grip on her purse strings, Nykoliation proposed that if brands dig deep and find a “universal consumer truth” and match that with their own, they will then be able to break through and connect with female consumers.

MiC sat down with Nykoliation to ask her what’s changed the most in the marketing-to-women space and the top three tips for reaching the coveted demographic.