The Verdict: Microsoft Canada’s Do or Die lives well

Created out of a desire to connect with students, the spring campaign surpassed social media goals.

Microsoft Windows Canada aimed its recent Do or Die campaign - where three competitors were forced to survive in a foreign city with no cash or suitcase, only their PC – at the much-coveted gadget loving student population.

The campaign, which launched in the middle of May, was developed by the Toronto office of CP+B with a digital media by from UM Canada included wild postings, online media and three transit shelter takeovers in Toronto. Its heavy social media presence was aimed at interacting with students where they communicate, Microsoft Canada Windows consumer marketing manager Sue Borden tells MiC.

Primary results from the trip, which wrapped up during June have gone above and beyond goals, says Borden.

“Our Facebok page, where the three contestants posted content, saw a 93% uptake in friends over the six weeks the campaign ran,” she says. “Students have always been a very important audience to us because they represent the audience of tomorrow. When you talk about sharing with technology, students are the natural audience for Microsoft to reach out to.”

Uploaded videos from the contestants received 74,000 views and the Do or Die tab on the Windows Canada Facebook page got over 154,000 views, says Borden.

“Interestingly, we saw the biggest usage over the final three days of the campaign when it wasn’t being promoted by any paid media,” she says. “I think that’s a testament to how much the community was behind the  contestants. Consumers really engaged and tuned in to see how they were doing in the field.”

When asked how Microsoft Canada will improve the campaign next year, Borden says it will simply be bigger.

“We will include more people next time,” she says. “We heard that there were a lot of great entries from people who wanted to do the contest and didn’t make it through.”