NAPA Auto Parts goes behind the scenes at the Indy

The car part retailer partners with Cue Digital Media to create branded behind-the-motorsports webisodes.
NAPA image

NAPA Auto Parts and Toronto-based Cue Digital Media will be taking branded content to the Honda Indy racing streets this weekend. Four webisodes will aim to reach male racing enthusiasts, ages 18 to 49, in search of car maintenance advice, David U.K., CEO, Cue Digital Media tells MiC.

The online branded entertainment will involve interviews conducted by Canadian personalities Wilder Weir (Oh So Cosmo) and Jessie Sulidis (The Bachelor), asking drivers on the Indy track how they preserve their cars’ youth, with NAPA’s tagline, “We keep your car young” in line with the webisode’s car maintenance theme.

The car part retailer is an official sponsor of the Canadian-based Jensen MotorSport racing team and each of the drivers and their cars will be decked out with NAPA decals, says U.K.

“[The webisodes are] going to be tongue-in-cheek and witty. They are designed to engage the 18- to 49-year-old males and so they have to be fast and cool,” says U.K. “[Branded entertainment] is not television online, it’s filmed with the online consumer in mind and it is a different kind of content than say a television show that is just being pushed online.”

The webisodes will be aired on relevant motorsport sites, such as and will be promoted using the brand’s social media networks and website, says U.K.

U.K. says that this target audience spends a substantial time online, so new ways of advertising must be created to effectively reach them.

“The idea of just using banner ads and pre-roll online doesn’t cut through the clutter enough and it doesn’t engage the consumer,” he adds. “This demo is far more elusive than that, and if you want to engage them you need to talk to them in their own manner.”