Print and digital make best coupon strategy: study

The study from KubasPrimedia says the majority of consumers use both paper and electronic methods when getting their extreme coupon on.

Print or digital? That is the question KubasPrimedia asked 1,520 consumers in its 2011 Major Market Retail Report (MMRR) with the aim of identifying whether marketing value exists in paper or in e-flyers.

Of the large number of consumers looking to flyers for information, 23% will use print exclusively, 6% will only use e-flyers and 56% of consumers use a combination of both digital and print.

Ed Strapagiel, executive vice president, KubasPrimedia tells MiC he warns retailers who choose to solely use e-flyers, saying that the print flyer is still a powerful promotional medium and the digital version should be used to complement it.

“I think it’s important to note that you can’t depend on the e-flyer alone,” he says. “While the cost savings may be very tempting, cutting back print flyer distribution because you have an e-flyer is a risky proposition. It’s the print flyer that is used most and what drives the effectiveness of the medium.”

And if a retailer decides to take the standalone e-flyer route, Strapagiel encourages them to communicate its existence to consumers.

“There are cases where print flyer distribution could be relatively expensive, such as where customer density is low or if targeting apartment condo dwellers,” he says. “An e-flyer may be a good option here, but only if you tell people about it – in order words, now you have to advertise your e-flyer.”