McDonald’s ups its cool factor in Alberta

The QSR treated residents of Sylvan Lake to an icy installation that distributes loonies to promote its Dollar Drink Days.
Dollar Drink Days Cool Concept

McDonald’s helped Albertans stay cool earlier this summer with a nifty interactive ice sculpture promoting its Dollar Drink Days campaign. It consisted of 8,000 pounds of ice moulded into a seven-foot tall installation shaped like the  QSR’s renowned Golden Arches, inside of which rested over 4,000 loonies.

Created by Cossette’s Vancouver office, the sculpture was placed near Sylvan Lake, an area typically filled with young families engaging in recreational summer fun. As it began to dwindle in the summer sun, “McFans” chipped away at the icy arches to retrieve its frozen treasure. The frenzy was captured in the video below. The goal of the execution, says Cossette Vancouver VP/GM Nadine Cole, was to  heat up customer interest in the Dollar Drinks Day campaign, which has had mass media in market since April.

“Not only was the activity engaging, playful and social for local consumers, but it literally and physically reinforced the campaign notions of ‘cooling down’ and ‘refreshment’ in the summertime,” says Cole.

Foot traffic on the day was driven by pre-promotional leaflets distributed in-store at Red Deer and Sylvan Lake franchises, a radio partnership with CISN FM that included a branded page folded into the station’s website, and through social media and online ads. Cossette also handled media for the effort. A “beach party” featuring a DJ, street teams, hula hooping, limbo contests and giveaways supported the execution and all the action was live streamed on CISN’s branded site.