comScore launches new digital measurement tool

AOL Canada is the first to sign on to the company's AdEffx Campaign Essentials in Canada.

Digital measurement company comScore has launched AdEffx Campaign Essentials in Canada.

The service, which has been available for two years in the US includes features measuring the effectiveness of impressions and optimizing placements and creative based on performance, using real-time bidding platforms.

Brent Bernie, president of comScore Media Metrix Canada tells MiC the introduction of the tool adds a human element to the world of online measurement.

“Most of the online measurement that is available now is done through ad servers, which typically count cookies,” he says. “AdEffex Campaign Essentials is a measurement of people, which is critical because that knowledge needs to be available to both the media and advertising side. It’s the next step up in terms of evaluating performance.”

AOL Canada is the first publisher to sign on to the new digital measuring tool, taking the system in-house and adding the ability to present it to clients, says Bernie.