Saint-Jacques Vallee MEC to become MEC Montreal

MEC Canada president Michele Pauchuk tells MiC about the change and her first months at the media co.

Saint-Jacques Vallee MEC has announced a name change, to MEC Montreal.

The WPP agency is altering its name to reduce confusion in the marketplace, Michele Pauchuk, president, MEC Canada, tells MiC.

The Montreal MEC office works with MEC Canada on Molson Coors and Colgate-Palmolive, and will continue to be run by Sylvie La Salle, VP and general manager of MEC Montreal. The office also works on clients including Loto Quebec, Investors Group and Totem Building Supplies.

MiC recently visited Pauchuk at the MEC Canada office to talk about changes in the Montreal office, as well as how she is settling into the new role as head of the media co.

Videography by Jennifer Horn.