BMW launches the next three

The car co positions its new 3 Series launches as "Impossibly Better" with a cross-platform campaign.

BMW launches a new 3 Series vehicle every eight years, and this year marks the release of not one, but three cars into the fleet.

With media by Media Experts and creative from Cundari, BMW is launching its three new 3 Series models with the tagline “Impossibly Better,” Brent Choi CCO at Cundari, tells MiC.

Choi says there is a lot of pressure on the 3 Series line to do well for BMW, as it represents 50% of all the brand’s cars on the road.

The campaign features 10-second TV spots for each of the new cars on traditional and specialty channels, OOH ads in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver, print ads in titles including Sharp and a digital buy on sites including YouTube and MSN.

The car co wanted to show off all of the features of the new models, so the campaign also includes the brand’s first-ever microsite in Canada because the detail was too great to live on, says Choi. It is a Parallax-style site, which means all content lives on one page and allows the user to view it in any direction, he says.

“The microsite is a first for Canada,” he says. “Another unique part of this campaign is that it is totally Canadian, normally BMW picks up aspects of the international campaign and brings it here.”

BMW is targeting its traditional audience of affluent, mainly urbanized consumers with the campaign but is also hoping to reach future consumers who see the cars as “halo vehicles,” he says.

The campaign runs until the end of June, with an online contest launching in March.