NABS parties with the sinfully good

The National Advertising Benevolent Society's 2012 "Vices and Virtues" gala has nine sponsorship opportunities available.

The 2012 NABS “Vices and Virtues” Gala is hoping to spend a devilish night in the company of 750 ad folks with a set of good merits.

The organization is inviting industry professionals to attend the gala on May 3 in the CBC Atrium. All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards raising funds for industry colleagues in need.

At the event, NABS will make use of the Atrium’s ten pillars by showcasing art placed by creative sponsors.

The pillars will be dressed with the sponsor’s interpretation of their chosen “virtue” or “vice” – whether it be one of the deadly sins (wrath, greed, pride, sloth, etc.) or one of the six virtues (temperance, charity, diligence, etc.). There are nine creative sponsorship opportunities up for grabs, according to Mike Arlotto, marketing and fundraising specialist at NABS.

Sponsors already signed on include the Globe & Mail (as title sponsor), the CBC, Shaw Media, the Toronto Star, Rogers, Bell Media, Greaves and Allen, strategy magazine, Clockwork Productions, Zoom Media, Postmedia, GSW Worldwide and Marketing magazine.

Early bird tickets are on sale until Saturday, March 31 for $170, after which regular tickets can be purchased for $199 at