Byly bares all in fitting rooms

The depilatory strip has partnered with Zoom Media's Fashion Frame division to place ads in Quebec Bikini Village boutiques.
Byly image 2

Byly is looking to position its latest depilatory strip as a must-have this summer.

To do so, the brand is using Zoom Media’s Fashion Frame display boards in 30 Quebec Bikini Village boutiques with the aim of reaching female shoppers between the age of 18 and 34.

Martyne Rioux, VP, Fashion Frame, tells MiC that the media and creative for the campaign was handled by Media Premier and that customers are first made aware of the product in the fittings rooms and then asked to trial with samples when they pay at the counter.

Rioux adds that the placement works for the brand as women are provided with a solution to help maintain their sometimes unsightly bikini area while trying on suits in the store.