Canadian Journalists for Free Expression paint an unsettling picture

The organization enlisted Juniper Park to create a print campaign which sends a distressing message to students.
CJFE image

The chilling print ads from the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression’s (CJFE) most recent campaign reveals the grisly truth of three reporters murdered as a result of doing their job.

Juniper Park is the agency behind the unsettling ads that show bloody inkblots of corpses over the written work of journalists killed in action. Both students and the general public are being targeted, with the Toronto agency placing wild postings in 20 universities across the country as well as ads in NOW magazine and the Toronto Star.

Terry Drummond, executive creative director, Juniper Park, tells MiC that students are an ideal audience for this campaign as they have yet to explore the world, still somewhat naïve of the issues surrounding the freedom of expression, and more inclined to share the organization’s message.

“In this particular case, the journalists that we highlighted worked in the print medium and so their work is [displayed as] a backdrop for the ads,” he says of the use of the platform, adding that with no end-date in sight, the agency plans to eventually broaden the campaign beyond print.