Astral OOH goes digital in Quebec

Montreal is the first to see digital street furniture from the media co that allows for NFC and QR code placement.

Astral OOH wants to move forward with the times, launching a network of digital street furniture in Montreal to give advertisers flexibility and interactivity, Luc Quetel, VP, real estate, Astral OOH Quebec, tells MiC.

Six pieces of creative can be placed in rotation on the boards, either by a single or multiple advertisers, and the messages are readable even in the harsh sunlight due to the use of high-resolution 72-inch HD LCD screens, he notes.

Advertisers will also be able to apply interactivity to their creative with the combination of Near Field Communication (NFC) tech and QR codes.

“The idea is to be the first to innovate in this category,” says Quetel. “Technology is very important; we are always looking at OOH to see how we can implement technology hardware. Our first step is Montreal and we are hoping to launch it in other markets if we are successful.”

The 30 new digital columns were announced yesterday, but no advertisers are on board as yet, says Quetel, adding that the media co is in talks with potential clients while the boards are being gradually converted from existing static columns.

The new boards were also introduced to the market as the company looks for more ways to reduce its environmental footprint, and this allows it to eliminate printing and installation costs, according to a release.