Tennis Canada sends in a replacement

The non-profit's latest commercial for the Rogers Cup puts an elderly women in place of Milos Raonic while he is off training.
Tennis Canada

When it comes to training for the Rogers Cup, there really isn’t time for tennis players to do much else. That’s the idea behind Tennis Canada’s latest marketing campaign, with media by OMD and creative by Bensimon Byrne.

In a TV spot (which begins airing this Saturday) the non-profit, which organizes the tournament, uses tennis player Milos Raonic as a prime example of the dedication that goes into the sport. The commercial features an elderly woman standing in his place at a press conference, where she comically tries to convince the media that she is the true Milos. The reason for his absence is that he is too busy practicing for the tournament.

The creative will primarily be placed on sports stations, such as Sportsnet and TSN, with some conventional TV placements on channels such as OMNI and Citytv, Joseph Bonnici, creative director, Bensimon Byrne, tells MiC.

“We’re going where sports fans already are,” he says. “Being on the sports channels with this campaign will help draw upon a base that already has a vested interest in sports in general.”

The lighthearted ad fits with the tennis association’s strategy of promoting the fun in sport as opposed to the serious competition, he adds.