Spotted! Sony Canada takes commuters for a ride

The brand has wrapped Toronto bus shelters with hologram ads that aim to demonstrate the high picture quality of its Bravia TV.

Sony Canada has wrapped three transit shelters in Toronto with holographic material, creating a lounge environment and giving the impression that its Sony Bravia TV can bring content to life.

The TSA is wrapped with images of a couch where the bus shelter chair is positioned, as well as hologram image of a TV screen placed on the front panel. The creative shows a family on a rollercoaster about to make the descent.

“The medium itself allowed for a certain amount of interactivity, it made the people themselves part of the ad and that’s the main message of the communication to start with,” Hao Huang, creative lead, Sony Canada, tells MiC, adding that it is meant to show that Sony’s picture quality is high enough to make the image within the screen be mistaken with reality.

The brand worked with UM on the placement and had its in-house team develop the creative.  Huang explains that the activation, targeting 30- to 45-year-olds and skewing male, moves away from its traditional focus of promoting its complex technologies, and for a change, focuses on picture quality.

The campaign also includes print and online ads, as well as traditional out-of-home placements. For example, a train window has a cut-out of a Bravia TV so that commuters could take in the view from the window and the brand is still able to serve them the ad, says Huang.

Wraps have been placed on shelters at Yonge and Broadway, King West and Strachan as well as Dundas and University, those intersections chosen because they see high foot traffic from the brand’s target audience, he adds.