Tossing phones with Mobilicity

The telco has picked up the sport of mobile phone throwing and will be launching a championship event this weekend during a university football game in Toronto.

If you haven’t already heard, hurling mobile phones across a field has become quite the spectator sport in Finland. The Finnish have practiced the activity for the past 12 years and now, thanks to Mobilicity, Canadians will be able to see what all the fuss is about.

“Given the strength of the event in Finland, I’m actually surprised that no one has done this before,” says Anthony Booth, chief customer officer at Mobilicity, of the brand’s inaugural “Canadian Mobile Phone Throwing Championship” which will take place on Saturday during the Red & Blue Bowl game between university football teams the Varsity Blues and the York Lions in Toronto. He adds that the brand was looking for an innovative way to kick-off the fourth quarter and that throwing phones is “a great way to take out your frustration on phone bills” from its “Big Three” competitor carriers.

“I’m sure there have been many times when customers have opened up their bill and wanted to throw their cellphone against the wall,” he says. “This is a chance to get that out of their system, but in a safe and fun way.”

Mobilicity chose the university crowd, particularly in Toronto where it has received high subscription numbers from U of T and York students, to reach out to for this initiative, says Booth. “They really feel the pinch with phone bills and often look for unlimited services that are at an efficient price,” he notes, adding that just as the brand is sometimes “disruptive,” so will the event be on Saturday when it takes place during the game’s half-time.

In the morning, when people begin to arrive at the Varsity Centre stadium, a simulator tent outside the gates will have brand reps inviting people to participate in the qualifying phone-throwing round. All of the mobile phones will be the same size and weight so as to remain consistent and fair. The top three distance-throwers will then be called out during the game to attempt to break the world record, which is currently sitting at 101.46 metres.

Prior to the weekend event (which is being executed by Campus Intercept), Mobilicity will run print ads in Metro and 24 (with media and creative handled by the brand’s in-house marketing team) promoting the event and drumming up awareness for Waste Reduction Week in Canada. “We know that cellphone recycling is a bit of a mystery for consumers,” adds Booth. “We have been encouraging people to drop off their phones in-store so that we can recycle them, [and the championship] is an opportunity to bring this to the forefront.”