Spotted! The Gazette papers the city

The Postmedia brand is promoting two of its sites with a paper execution and contest.

To help re-launch and launch in the greater Montreal area, Postmedia’s The Gazette is taking its paper to the streets…literally.

Working with Quebec-based Bleublancrouge, the media co has covered objects around the west island and off island areas of Montreal with papier-mâché to showcase how the paper has the area covered when it comes to news, Stephanie Morissette, PR director Bleublancrouge, tells MiC.

Residents are encouraged to upload photos of the papier-mâchéd objects to Instagram under the hashtag #wecoverthewest, as part of a contest. Winners will be randomly selected on Oct. 29, taking home gift cards to area restaurants.

This promotion is in line with the brand’s mandate of promoting its paper creatively, says Morissette. Last October The Gazette turned its front page into a Twitter stream, posting tweets from its journalists to illustrate the paper’s “Words Matter” slogan. That campaign recently took home Best in Show at the Extra awards.