Jamieson touts pure products online

For the second leg of its "Purity is Priceless" campaign, the brand is placing more pre-roll and banner ads to reach consumers researching vitamin supplements.

With winter fast approaching, vitamin brand Jamieson has launched the second campaign from its “Purity is Priceless” platform, with TV and online creative that will promote its FluShield supplement for the next three months. Planning and purchasing was handled by AOR Media, with creative and strategy spearheaded by Toronto-based agency Quizative.

The brand had not invested in mass advertising for the good part of a decade before launching the first leg of its “Purity is Priceless” campaign last fall, Adrian Capobianco, president and founder, Quizative, tells MiC. He says that while the creative between then and now remains consistent (showing imagery of the journey the brand takes to source ingredients from different parts of the world), the brand decided to focus the creative on its FluShield product for the second promotional stint.

More marketing dollars were invested in online this time, with the placement of pre-roll video spots and banner ads on sites targeting women, he says. He adds that the media strategy last year was to promote on a mass level with more TV to establish the brand positioning to a wider audience. “If we follow consumer trends and consumer habits, there is just more time spent online,” notes Capobianco. “They’re going online to research health and nutritional information, and they’re using both search and video.”

The target audience for Jamieson varies, from older women to younger moms who manage the health and wellness of their families, says Allison Laux, partner, VP strategy and insight, Quizative. “Because these are people who are choosing supplements, and particularly natural supplements, we know that they care about managing their family’s health and they care about the purity that goes into these products,” she says of the advertising that talks about the supplement’s pure ingredients.