Spiderman swings into 24 Hours

The promotion, coinciding with the release of The Amazing Spiderman, features seven pages of content, including a two-page wrap.
Spiderman 24hrs Cover

Look out! Here comes the Spiderman.

Everyone’s favourite web-slinger made a guest appearance on the pages of 24 Hours Friday to promote the Walmart-exclusive Bluray DVD release of the summer blockbuster movie The Amazing Spiderman.

The promotion, with media by UM, was designed in-house by the Quebecor Media-owned daily’s art department, with assets and copy from Sony. It features a two-page wrap and five consecutive pages of promotional content.

“Because of the number of pages, it’s a story in itself,” Laila Hakim, senior director, QMI integrated creative marketing and sales solutions, and art director for 24 Hours, tells MiC.

“We came up with a two-page wrap to start it, and the whole idea is to have Spiderman swing through 24 Hours [to Walmart] and get a copy of his new Bluray DVD release,” she adds, noting that the depth of this promotion is something new for the daily.

The promotion will appear in all six regions in which 24hrs is distributed, including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, with about 734,000 total copies being printed.

According to Hakim, 24hrs reaches an audience that is equal parts male and female, with sweet spots in the 18 to 49 and 25 to 54 demographics.

She¬†says she expects the concept to fare well in the marketplace and reach an audience of at least one million people, due to Spiderman’s appeal to a broad but similar demographic, including kids and both men and women aged 18 to 54.

“Anyone from the 40+ [demographic] will look at this as something they grew up with,” she says. Adding that people under 18 still know the franchise, but it is a bit more new to them.