Ubisoft Quebec and Toys ‘R’ Us release new Facebook game

Game developer Ubisoft Quebec has partnered with Toys 'R' Us to launch Toys 'R' Us Towers, a new free-to-play toy store simulation game on Facebook.
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Game developer Ubisoft Quebec has partnered with Toys ‘R’ Us to launch Toys ‘R’ Us Towers, a social game for Facebook that nets real-life rewards.

The free-to-play simulation game lets users play as Toys ‘R’ Us employees who can manage their own toy store.

Players can design and build toy departments and attractions (increasing their “Hype” rating) modeled on real-life ones like the indoor Ferris wheel stationed at the Toys ‘R’ Us Times Square store.

Additional features include a seven-level progression from trainee to manager to CEO and weekly sales competitions.

Players earn in-game coin currency, which can be purchased directly, from department sales as they play the game and level up. Players can also directly purchase premium currency, or Toy Dollars.

The in-game and premium currencies can be spend on additional energy, premium toy departments and other bonuses, contributing to building a store and its Hype.

Toys ‘R’ Us Towers provides incentives – namely, real-world coupons for discounts redeemable at Toys ‘R’ Us -  for players to invite their Facebook friends to play the game, and purchase the premium currency.

The coupons are also unlocked at various points in the game, for example, when a player is promoted after reaching a certain Hype rating.

A mobile version of the game is planned for the coming months.

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