Pattison Onestop launches whodunit series

The OOH ad seller has produced a 30-episode murder mystery that will play on TTC subway screens and encourage viewer interaction through social media.

Pattison Onestop revealed Tuesday Murder in Passing, a 30-episode film noir murder mystery series that will play out on subway platform screens throughout Toronto.

The latest entry in Pattison’s Art in Transit program, the daily whodunit will feature silent 30-second instalments that will play every 10 minutes.

The series follows a bike courier, whose murder sets off a bewildering conspiracy involving bikes, cars, opera, gender and corporate green-washing in the town of Passing, B.C.

Produced in-house and directed by John Greyson, Murder in Passing was funded by Greyson, with Pattison donating the media.

The series will look to engage commuters by asking them to get involved in solving the mystery. Viewers can find daily clues in Metro and on Twitter. Clues can also be found on the series’ website, where viewers can enter the Murder in Passing contest for chances to win prizes, get caught up on missed episodes and interact with fellow sleuths through the citizen detective’s blog.

“This is the first time that we have attempted a project as large in scope or budget as Murder in Passing. It’s also the first time that we have tried to actively engage commuters with an ongoing narrative for a sustained period of time,” Sharon Switzer, director, art for commuters arts programmer and curator, Pattison Onestop, tells MiC.

Murder in Passing will run from Jan. 7 to March 1.

With files from Val Maloney