CTV orders full seasons of Played, Satisfaction

The Bell Media channel welcomes the cop drama and comedy to its slate, and is hoping for more Flashpoint-level numbers from Played.
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CTV has possible breakout replacement shows for Flashpoint and Corner Gas with a straight-to-series order for the undercover cop drama Played, and a full-season order for Satisfaction, a comedy, after an earlier pilot.

Flashpoint wrapped up and we had to find another Flashpoint. But I told people I didn’t just want another Flashpoint,” says CTV programming and sports president Phil King from Pasadena, where he’s attending a ┬áTV critics showcase.

Flashpoint, which ran on CTV for six seasons, was about first-responders in an elite police unit in Toronto that dealt with crisis situations.

Played, created by Greg Nelson (Saving Hope, Rookie Blue), is also about elite Toronto police officers, but this time the Covert Investigations Unit goes undercover to infiltrate criminal organizations.

Each episode of Played, with a new case and target weekly, will see detectives perform a high-wire act as they convince the bad guys they’re one of them, while keeping criminality from corroding their own lives.

As with Motive, CTV is going straight-to-series with Played, without ordering a pilot.

King insists Played is no standard police stake-out and sting series.

Instead, dramatic tension comes from the undercover agents going in-and-out to infiltrate a drug gang or a ponzi scheme on Bay Street in a matter of days.

Production on the new undercover cop drama is set to start in spring 2013 in Toronto.

CTV is also launching some new homegrown comedy with an order for Satisfaction, which stars Luke MacFarlane, Stephanie Lemelin, Ryan Belleville, Vik Sahay and Leah Renee.

“Tim McAuliffe is such a funny, high demand guy in Los Angeles. And beside its just funny,” King said of the comedy about a group of friends not shy about sharing relationship woes and romantic wins.

Satisfaction gets an order for 12 half-hour episodes, in addition to the pilot shot last fall in Toronto.

The series is set to begin production in late spring.

CTV’s other scripted series slate includes Saving Hope and The Listener.

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