Spotted! David Cornfield Melanoma Fund erases skin cancer

The organization coloured the slopes at the Blue Mountain ski resort with black polka dots, which disappeared as skiers passed over them.
DCMF 3x3 Julia And Davey LR

The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund recently tapped the starpower of ski cross Olympians Julia Murray and Davey Barr during an experiential event aimed at raising awareness of the disease and money for the fund.

The event, conceived by Toronto-based agency Three Times Three, saw the fund take to the slopes at the Blue Mountain resort in Ontario Jan. 26 and 27. Targeting youth up to 18 and their parents, the event offered skiers an opportunity to take skiing lessons from Murray and Barr. Additionally, the slopes were coloured with black polka dots, representing the cancerous moles caused by melanoma, which skiers “erased” by skiing over them.

Wade Makarus, partner, Three Times Three, tells MiC that promoting the fund during a winter-themed event was a good opportunity to reach people at a time when they don’t typically think about the risks of sun exposure or getting melanoma.

He adds that the campaign, which is the first branding effort by the fund, will also make use of a 15-second TV PSA, which will be rolling out within the next few weeks, and will be further promoted online and through social media.

Makarus says that the black polka dots that covered the slopes are meant to be a branding device for the fund, which it can leverage at future events at other ski resorts going forward.

Photo: Ski cross Olympians Julia Murray and Davey Barr