Heineken breathes life into OOH

The beer brand has launched a new campaign, which aims to get people interacting with its ads.

Heineken has launched a new “Alive” OOH campaign, which incorporates interactive and moving elements into usually static transit and billboard ads.

The campaign will be launched on a global scale this year, but is kicking off first in Canada, with media from MEC and creative from Toronto-based BBDO, Michael Grimes, Heineken brand manager, Heineken Canada, tells MiC.

“Through scale and placement we are looking to achieve some sort of wow factor, something that will get people stopping in their tracks a little more rather than just seeing it as a passive mode of communication,” he says.

Focusing on Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver and targeting men from legal drinking age to 30, the campaign includes glow in the dark murals, interactive bottle walls that create a shadow when people walk in front of them and interactive boards that move as consumers get close to them. It will be in market through the end of March.

“Traditionally we use OOH as an extension of our reach campaigns,” says Grimes. “In this case the campaign is about impact and being able to ensure people are being reminded about Heineken in a unique way. We are focusing on urban centres with the campaign, we never lost the focus that the pieces need to be impactful first and then have reach.”