Spotted! Rashers gives runners the gift of bacon

The Toronto-based sandwich shop's promotion encourages runners and bikers to run a route that looks like a pig in exchange for a discount.

Toronto-based bacon sandwich shop Rashers is telling runners and bikers in the city that it’s okay to indulge after a workout, with a new promotion that rewards them with the tasty gift of bacon.

The “Run the Pig” initiative encourages adults aged 25 to 45, particularly those in the Leslieville neighbourhood of Toronto where the restaurant is located, to run or bike a route in the shape of a pig, and track their course using a mobile app like Nike+. They can then bring their finished route to the store and use it as a coupon to get 30% off a sandwich.

The promotion is also active on Twitter, where consumers who share their run with Rashers via the Nike+ app will receive a personal message from the restaurant and an offer of 15% off their next sandwich.

With creative by Ogilvy Toronto, the initiative is being promoted by a campaign that relies on posters with humorous taglines like “Need to catch your breath? Inhale bacon.” and “Sweat like a pig. Then eat like one.”

Jamie Marcovitch, group creative director, Ogilvy, tells MiC that the promotion was driven by the insight that people tend to work out so they can reward themselves by indulging afterwards. He adds that the use of posters was the most effective way to engage runners in Toronto while they’re in the act, and expand Rashers’ reach beyond the Leslieville neighbourhood.

Marcovitch says that the promotion was also a means for Rashers to maintain its lighthearted and fun brand image, while engaging users via mobile in a new way by letting them use their devices as a coupon.