CRTC: conventional TV spending on Canadian shows up sharply

The report also shows that private broadcasters indicated a slight decline in expenditures on U.S. shows in 2012.
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Canadian conventional TV broadcasters are spending more on homegrown Canadian TV shows, and less on U.S. network series, according to the CRTC.

The regulator, releasing its 2012 financial results for over-the-air broadcasters, reported private conventional stations spent $661.8 million on Canadian programming, up sharply from a year-earlier $562.9 million.

The 2012 expenditures included $133 million paid to indie producers to acquire programming as the bulk of expenditures went to “information news” programming. The breakdown includes $58.9 million invested last year in homegrown dramas, $82.3 million dropped on general interest programming, $353.6 million for news programs, and $16.5 million for long-form documentaries.

The CRTC also said the private broadcasters spent slightly less on foreign programming, to $726 million in 2012, from $729 million spent in 2011.

The complete report is available here.

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