McDonald’s Canada gets romantic

The QSR is launching a new cinema and TV spot promoting Canadians' connection to the Egg McMuffin.

McDonald’s Canada is romanticizing its breakfast offerings with a new 60-second cinema and TV spot promoting its Egg McMuffin.

The spot, with media by OMD and creative from Cossette, features a couple who meet by chance in a bookstore and hang out all night, ending with them sharing a breakfast at McDonald’s with the tagline “When you find the one and only, there’s nothing like it.”

David Daga, co-CCO at Cossette, tells MiC the spot creates a parallel between the breakfast sandwich and that of someone’s true love.

“When you are advertising the Egg McMuffin, you are essentially advertising the brand because there is no real explanation needed for what the product is. It’s an iconic [product],” he says. “This is an ad to promote breakfast at McDonald’s, it is staking its claim for [the category]. We are advertising our stake in the ground for breakfast sandwiches and breakfast as a whole.”

McDonald’s is launching the spot in cinema on July 12 and will air it on TV before the launch of the new fall programming in September. Shorter 30- and 15-second versions of the spot are already on the air and will continue through the summer.