Spotted! Fuzz Wax Bar’s communal wax party

The company brought its services to the street with a coupon giveaway in Toronto.

Fuzz Wax Bar took its services to the streets in Toronto recently, hiring a male model and attaching wax strips that doubled as 25% off coupons (and directions to the salon) to his body.

With execution and creative by Lowe Roche, the street level campaign asked onlookers to tear off one of the strips, which were inscribed with messages like “We’ll take the monkey off your back” and the tagline “So good, it hurts,” off the model during Toronto’s annual Pride Week.

“They have a really loyal customer base but they wanted to get their name out there and broaden the audience,” Monica Ruffo, CEO, Lowe Roche, tells MiC. “We took the essence of what they do and brought it to a larger level.”

She adds there are plans to execute the stunt again, with Fuzz currently tracking returns of the coupons ripped off the model during the first execution.