BBM Overview: New PPM ratings

Bray & Partners president David Bray breaks down which radio stations are on top in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal and Calgary.

As chilly winds begin to blow, we have just received a breath of fresh air with today’s release of the latest PPM radio ratings. Today’s release from BBM completes the 13-week period covering Aug. 26 to Nov. 24. Let’s take a look at some of the numbers for the five PPM markets.

Toronto: Bragging rights at the top of the ratings heap go to CHFI-FM with a 16% share of hours tuned for A12+ (up from 14.2% last time out). CHFI-FM takes the #1 spot with women 25 to 54 delivering a 26.5% share (up from 29.4%) followed by CHUM-FM delivering an 18.3% share (down from 21.5%). Q107 holds the #1 spot for males 25 to 54, posting a 9.2% share (flat with 9.2% in the last 13-week book). The Edge leads the way for males 18 to 34 with a 16% share (down from 20.6%). For women 18 to 34, CHFI-FM tops the list posting a 29.2% share (up from 21%) followed by CHUM-FM with a 16.6% (down from 20.2%) share of hours tuned.

Vancouver: CBC Radio One grabs the #1 spot for A12+ with an 11.4% share of hours tuned (up from 9.7% last time out). Taking the top spot for women 25 to 54 was QMFM posting a 14.2% share (up from 13.5% last time out). QMFM also holds the lead for males 25 to 54, delivering a 10.6 % share (up from 9.3%). QMFM is out in front for males 18 to 34 with a 14.7% share of hours tuned followed closely by the FOX with 14.2%. When it comes to females 18 to 34, The Beat takes top spot with a 21.6% (up from 18.4% share in the last book).

Edmonton: CHED rules the roost for A12+ posting a 10.1% share of hours tuned (up from 9.5%). NOW! Radio takes top spot for females 25 to 54, delivering a strong 15.3% share (down from 17.9%). NOW! also tops the list for males 25 to 54 with a 12.1% share (down from 13.9%). For men 18 to 34, NOW! posted a 13.3% share (down from 15.9%) followed by Sonic 102.9 with a 10.3% share (down from 13.8%) and the Bear at 10% (down from 12.9%).

Calgary: Country 105 leads the way for A12+ with a 12.1% share (up from 10.7%). Country 105 is popular with the ladies, taking top spot for females 25 to 54 delivering a 16.7% share (up from 13%). For men 25 to 54, CJAY92 leads the way with an 11.3% share (up from 9.5%). CJAY92 takes top spot for men 18 to 34 with a 15.2% share (up from 12.8%). Country 105 is #1 for F18-34 posting a 30.7% share (up from 23.3%).

Montreal: CHMP 98.5FM is tops for A12+ with an 18% share (down from 15.5%). CFGL-FM 105.7 Rythme FM is tops with the ladies, taking the #1 spot for women 25 to 54 delivering an 18.1% share (up from 20%). For males 25 to 54, CHMP 98.5FM leads the way with a 21.4% share (down from a 16.4%). CKOI-FM is #1 for men 18 to 34 with a 14.6% share. Virgin Radio96 is #1 for females 18 to 34 with a 20.5% share (down from 22.5%).